chinese naamsveranderingen vervolg

De zus van Keng Que: Soeilan die in New York woont en daar asielzoekers uit Indonesiê helpt, schreef hem het volgende:
“………With regard to the name change, I recently had a funny experience. A pribumi (Javanese) Indonesian woman of a younger generation (I guess that she was from after the 1965 coup d’état generation) asked me “what kind of name Soeilan was”?? (nama macam apa itu?) I could see that she was surprised by the unfamiliar, non-Indonesian sounding name. She must have known that it was a Chinese name and was she subtly challenging me that I still dared to bear it?? I immediately said she could call me “Lanny” and I could see that she was “relieved” (or was it “appeased”?) and she said, “that is a better name” ( nama itu lebih baik).
What an odd experience.
I notice and read however, that Chinese-sounding names are coming back in Indonesia.”

Het zou toch mooi zijn als onze familie in Indonesë ook weer Tan gaat heten.

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